Vision & Mission

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To be one of the more progressive integrated poultry companies.


To provide healthier meat choices to the consumers.

Core Values

  1. Accountability
    We deliver on our commitments and hold ourselves responsible for our actions.
  2. Teamwork
    We work in unity and cooperate with each other for the best performance as a team.
  3. Customer Service
    We care about our customers and pay careful attention to our customers’ need.
  4. Improvement
    We are committed to getting better every day as an individual and as a team. We are constantly striving to innovate and improve our products, services, and processes.
  5. Quality
    We promise the conformance to the highest standards to ensure the best quality of our products for our customers.

Corporate DNA

AQINA is an Arabic word to connote blessing, happiness, and harmony for the family.

  1. Best Quality
    Only the best quality and value for our customers.
  2. Happiness
    Great Food is happiness – We aim to be the source of it.
  3. Harmony
    Harmony makes small things grow, we aspire to grow our people, our food, and our customers.
  4. Blessing
    We are grateful for nature’s providence and choose to share the best of nature with our customers.