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Aqina Group

Aqina Group is a semi-integrated operator in the chicken production industry by sourcing and sales of broilers and provision of chicken slaughtering services; breeding and sales of Kampung chickens; and trading of non-chicken meat products.

Our Group Structure

Aqina Holdings Sdn Bhd

Investment Holding

Aqina Farming

  • Aqina Farming mainly engaged in Kampung chicken breeding and sales of Kampung chicken in Malaysia
  • Aqinajaya

  • Aqinajaya was mainly engaged in halal chicken meat products processing and the sales of halal chicken meat products to customers in Malaysia
  • Aqina Trading

  • Aqina Trading mainly engaged in the sales of halal processed chicken meat products in mini-markets in Malaysia
  • Aqina Poultry

  • Aqina Poultry mainly engaged in sales of halal chicken meat products to food and beverage chains in Malaysia
  • Boong Farming

  • Boong Farming primarily engaged in the provision of ancillary logistics services in Malaysia and Singapore
  • Boong Poultry

  • Boong Poultry mainly engaged in the processing and sales of chicken meat products in Singapore
  • Boong Food

  • Boong Food mainly engaged in trading of non-chicken meat products in Singapore
  • Wilayah Food Trading

  • Wilayah Food Trading mainly engaged in sourcing and sales of live chickens and provision of chicken slaughtering services
  • Gallus (Hong Kong)

  • Gallus (Hong Kong) was incorporated to establish a presence in Hong Kong
  • Gallus Investment

  • Gallus Investment was an investment holding company